STEPHANIE'S CHILD CARE - Near the Wilmington Flea Market on Maryland Ave...
August 30, 2011
 My wife and I chose Ms. Stephanie’s child care because we were told that she is very good with children!! Our daughter has been with Ms. Stephanie’s for over a year now!! Ms. Stephanie’s Child Care is a wonderful place for a child to learn, grow, and the children have fun doing it!! Ms. Stephanie’s is a wonderful woman who well loved in community, she is always putting the children first; their well being is always her first concern, and she keep all parents updated on their child/children progress daily! Ms. Stephanie is also flexible when it comes to hours and payments. I would strongly urge parents if you want a safe and healthy child care then look no further because Ms. Stephanie’s is defiantly the place to go!! She is #1 in our book, and if your child goes to Ms. Stephanie’s, you will agree that she is #1, and that goes to Ms.Stephanie’s, you will agree that she is amazing with what she does!!
We love Ms.Stephanie’s.                       
                                                                           Brooke, Anthony, and Aniyah Faulkner  
August 30, 2011
I (again) choose SCC because of the convenient location as well as the compassion of the staff. Dwight came from a large center, and after coming to Stephanie’s Child Care he seems a bit sharper with numbers, colors, and letters. I believe this is because of the individual time spent with him. Thanks Ms. Stephanie’s for all you do! 
                                                                                                                          Tanisha Price
September 2, 2011
When I first moved to Canby Park Apartments I’ve seen Stephanie’s Child Care and said that I will never send my kids to a home daycare. I ended up sending my kids there about a year later only for convenience. I realized that Stephanie’s Child Care is the best daycare my children have ever been to. My 4 year old has always had problems learning but since attending Stephanie’s Child Care. I have seen twice an improvement in her learning abilities, and I learned that you can never judge anything or anyone based off of what you see on the outside. I live an hour away and continue to bring my children to Stephanie’s Child Care. It’s the best!
                                                                                                                       Allegra Garland
September 2, 2011
Stephanie is very personable with each child.  She help me potty train my daughter and wean my daughter off the binky.  My daughter has been in Stephanie’s Child Care for over 2yrs.  If I moved, I would still bring my daughter to her daycare.  Stephanie is a great help.  I don’t know what I would do without her. 
                                                                                                                        Lesli Hamilton
September 9, 2011
I chose Stephanie’s Child Care due to her flexibility with scheduling, reliable nature and she cares about the children.  Stephanie will care for your children just as they are her own.  Also I chose the center due to how she raises her own children, they are very will mannered.  I would recommend Stephanie’s Child Care.    
                                                                                                                        Keona Loubon
September 9, 2011
I am very much pleased with SCC for servicing my children and myself.  I am very pleased to have a childcare provider that not only care for my children but who also services me.  I have been struggling with some personal issues.  She has been very supportive of me helping to assist me in any way she can.  She very caring and goes all out to help someone in need, as if they were her own children. These are the reasons why I like SCC.  I have moved far away but I still continue to bring my children to SCC. Also SCC makes sure my children are very well kept.  
                                                                                                   Latonya Mathis (Mother)
Devin, Dupree and Deivan Leatherbury  
September 9, 2011
I like Stephanie’s Child Care because she is an excellent and caring provider.  Stephanie is always on top of her paperwork.  Stephanie is always going above and beyond. She has even provided my oldest daughter with transportation when times got rough for me.  She makes sure our children eat healthy meals at breakfast, lunch and snack.  My baby’s diaper is dry upon departure.  Our family has been with Stephanie since my first child who is now 14yrs old, all my children love being with her and enjoying her presence.  SCC makes learning interesting and fun.  With all these positives I couldn’t ask for a better provider.
                                          The Howard and Moody Family loves Stephanie’s Child Care
Keep up the good work!!
September 9, 2011
My son Michael Thomas goes to SCC.  I chose SCC because Stephanie is right next door so it is very convenient.  Our sons go to school together and I like how she is with the children and Stephanie expects POC. Stephanie is a great provider.
                                                                                              Stephanie Phillips